Short Stories: A Podcast on Mommyhood Matters

In the Podcast from the Mom Blog,, the conversation is extended as Maggie chats about all things motherhood.

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    Ep. 2.3: a Rant!

    In today's episode, Maggie gets something off of her chest- her disagreement with the culture of "if you're not with me, you're against me." Then, she shares more of her KonMari journey, a super duper easy and fun photo album, and some #momspo to lift your spirits up.

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    Ep. 2.2: What Is Hygge?

    In today's episode, Maggie sips coffee and talks about Marie Kondo, hygge, Rachel Hollis, and acne.

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    Ep. 2.1: Kickoff to Season 2!

    In the kickoff to Season 2, Maggie shares her thoughts on New Year's Resolutions (fyi, the word "joy" is thrown around a lot!), the new season of the podcast, and a few tips for moms.

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    Ep. 12: The Joy Plan, with Kaia Roman

    Episode 12 is the GRAND FINALE of Season 1 of the podcast! I am so excited to share with you my conversation with Kaia Roman, author of the book, The Joy Plan: How I Took 30 Days to Stop Worrying, Quit Complaining, and Find Ridiculous Happiness. The Joy Plan is part memoir/part guide, filled with her own relatable story and lots of science to back up the How's and the Why's. You can find Kaia on her website, The Joy Plan, on Facebook, and her blog is featured on mindbodygreen. You are sure to enjoy Kaia's story and her wonderful tips on how to find more joy in your life.

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    Ep. 11: Fitness Queen, with Nicole Dziedzic

    Episode 11 features one of my personal faves, fitness queen Nicole Dziedzic. She does it all and she does it all well: she's a mom of 2 littles, a teacher, and an inspiring fitness coach. She's one of those people you just want to be around, so I'm sure you'll love this episode. You can find Nicole on her ri-damn-dic awesome facebook page and her Instagram page, @fitmomma2reds. Enjoy, I'm sure you'll have a smile on your face more than once during this epi!

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    Ep. 10: Travel with kids, with Leah Caraher

    Sometimes when you take a chance, something amazing happens. I reached out to a blogger I follow, Leah Caraher from five for the road. She is a blogger out of the Rochester, NY area that specializes in Family Travel. She agreed to chat with me on the podcast! She shares with us her journey into the blogging world, as well as tips from the focus of her blog. She is a sweet girl, and I just know you'll want to follow her blog- if you don't already! You can also find her on Instagram (how I first found her!), @fivefortheroadblog.

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    Episode 9: Essential Oils 101, with Amy Cromer

    In Episode 9, Maggie chats with cousin Amy, a sweet girl from Virginia that you're most certainly going to want to sip some sweet tea with on the porch swing. She gives us a little window into the teenage years (for those of us who aren't there yet), and she shares with us some of her knowledge in essential oils, which are a natural way to improve your health and wellbeing and reduce your home's environmental toxins.

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    Ep. 8: Learning to Read, with Alison Otto

    In Episode 8, Maggie explains her monthlong pause on the podcast and reflects on summer thus far. Today's interview features Alison Otto, Maggie's "bae" (insert laughing face emoji!). Alison is a teacher mom, who specializes in reading education. Currently, she serves as a reading teacher at her school, but Alison has experience in several roles within literacy education, which gives her a unique and knowledgeable perspective. Also, listeners get a look into what it's really like to be friends with The Shortest Tallman (Insert even more laughing face emoji!).

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    Ep. 7: Mindfulness for hustling moms, with Katie Painter

    In Episode 7, Maggie shares her convo with the spectacular Katie Painter, who appears to have found the secret to stretching out her days well beyond 24 hours. She is a mom of 3 who holds a full time job as well as 3, count them 3! side hustles. She shares how she manages all of that by using her mindfulness and self-care practices. This episode is a great one for moms, as we talk about that "overwhelm monster" that always seems to be lurking around us, and how we can combat those feelings (hint: ignoring them won't make them go away!).

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    Ep. 6: What is a Holistic OT?, with Andrea O'Brien

    In Episode 6, Maggie chats with her friend, Andrea O'Brien of O'Brien Wellness. She is a holistic OT, who specializes in… well… I'll let her explain! Andrea demystifies what the job of an occupational therapist is, and where she fits within the realm: mental health and addiciton are two of her main domains. We talk about lots of relevant mom topics, such as self-care and the risk associated with jumping on trampolines after having kids ;-D Lots of laughs and good convo ensues.

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